Web Cam
For best performance you'll need a high speed connection such as DSL or Cable. Print this page and
follow the directions.

Viewing our Web Cam will require you to load an activex control on your system.  Start by clicking the
link or entering http://santatrain.dipmap.com:81.  If this is your 1st time viewing the camera you'll have to
allow pop ups for this site and load an "activex" control and install an add in.  Your system will let you know
what you need to do.  Pay attention to the information bar at the top of the browser window and Simply follow
the instructions.  Answer "Yes" to any window that pops up. The 1st time loading process will take around
two minutes.  Future visits will only require a log in.

When you see the compression window come up select "Mpeg4 Encoder Viewer" then press continue (button
on lower left of window.)

Next you'll see the "Internet connection window".  Select "DSL/Cable/T1"  then select the button next to "1 Window"
and press the continue button.

Next you'll get a window with a monitor and action buttons at the bottom.  Press "Play" (button with a triangle).
Another window will pop up asking you for your user name and password.  Enter  "santa" for the user and "train"
for the password.

You should now see live webcam of the Santa Train.  If no one else is logged in it may be possible for you to
control the camera.  To do this click on the PTZ icon which is the 3rd button down on the right side.

Another window will pop up.  With your mouse drag the window to the side of the monitor window so it's out
of the way.  Click on the "Enable" button.  You can now control the camera by selecting the left, right, up, down
arrow keys.  The "Z-" and "Z+" allow you to zoom in and out.  The "F-" and "F+" keys are focus but focus should
be optimized and use of these buttons are not necessary.  

As a courtesy to others please log off when you're finished.  You will be logged off the system automatically after 5 minutes.

Have fun.