And Automated Displays

Christmas train activated by headlights.  Flash high beams to make the train start.
Crossing gate lowers as train passes, flashing Red & Green lights.
Volcano changes color and erupts with smoke as train passes under it.
Rail Road Crossing Sign flashes red & Green lights as train approaches.
Train activates sequential lighting as it approaches the bridge.
Santa dances to music activates as train approaches the station.
Candy Cane striping machine activates as train comes to a stop.   (White candy canes "IN" and Striped ones "OUT"
Candy Cane dispenser automatically detects when candy canes are low then stops at the station to refill.
Rudolf trying to pull up Santa on the roof with rope and pulley.
Crashed sleigh scene with moving head, broken antler and reindeer hitchhiking
Interactive Push Button to operate train without headlights
Rotating Christmas tree
Operating Teeter-totter
Ferris Wheel with LED lights
Carousal Swing
Snow Making
25,000 LED lights including the mountain.
Sequential lighting around track
Teddy Bear recites "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Pop up Holiday Band
Mickey Mouse waving in hot air balloon
14 Mountain Snowflakes of various size.
16' mountain tree (High definition) with computerized light show.  Over 20 songs.